Connect Four

Are you feeling nostalgic about the traditional games that you have been playing when you were a kid? Do you remember having fun with friends and playing the game Connect 4? Perhaps, you could again enjoy this game even when you are away from friends because it is now available online and can be accessed anywhere and anytime through your mobile phone.

This game has become very popular among children and adults alike. And just like the traditional game, its online version has practically the same rules and objectives. In the game Connect Four, two players will be playing against each other. They will be given two different sets of discs with different colours to identify whose disc belongs to who.

Once the game begins, the players will alternately drop their discs into the vertically suspended grid. It is said that the player who drops their disc first has a greater chance of winning. That is why most players would grab the opportunity to be able to have the first drop. Perhaps, this may be true in some way, but it does not define the game. As long as both players play according to their strategy, they will have a fair chance of winning.

Winning the game Connect Four entails that the players complete a set of four discs in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal manner. The player who can achieve either of those first will then be declared the winner. The online game Connect Four has the same rules as its traditional counterpart, but it is more exciting with bonus icons. These bonus icons can help you to outsmart your opponent if you can use them well.

If you fail to make four discs in a row at first, there are still ways for you to win the game. You can simply continue the game by adding another line of discs on top of your opponent’s already-formed line of discs until one of your lines connects with your opponent’s lines. Therefore, no matter how many times it takes you or if you have made all possible combinations, as long as yours forms into a winning combination first, that will be enough for you to win the game.

Although Connect Four is a straightforward game, it can be very challenging too. The bonus icons make the game more exciting and fun to play. Again, this is another reason you should try playing online because it provides you with various options on how you want your game to appear on the screen before your opponent even takes their turn.

Moreover, you do not have to go outdoors just to entertain yourself with this exciting game. You no longer have to wait for someone to come over so that they can play with you, but rather all you need now are gadgets such as mobile phones and an internet connection! So what are you waiting for? Log on immediately and enjoy playing traditional classic Connect Four in many new ways.

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