How to play

Do you recall a fun game in your childhood days wherein in you are told to drop colored discs in the vertically suspended grid? I honestly am familiar with this game but did not get the chance to know the game of this game when I was young. And today, I just learned that this game is called Connect 4. Before, I was just used to dropping the discs without really knowing the objective of the game. As a child, doing so was already fun. But then, as years went by, a curious side of me had an idea to research about this game and learn about the rules and the objective of playing this game.

The game Connect 4 is basically a two player game. All you have to do is to alternately drop your colored discs into the vertically standing grid. Players of this game should be mindful when dropping their discs so as not to make a mistake that can slim down your chance of winning the game.

This is basically a game of strategy that has been proven and tested. Although some may claim that the first player, meaning the one who first drops their disc has a higher chance of winning, this may not be the case all the time. Because the game Connect 4 mainly depends on the strategies and the moves of the players. Even if you are the first player to move, but you do not always provide the right moves, then you are still bound to lose.

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