Playing the game

Playing the game Connect 4 is very popular during the 80’s and the 90’s. This game is widely available in almost all toy stores. However, many kids during those times are not really quite familiar about the rules of the game, perhaps they just enjoy dropping the colored discs into the vertical grid without really getting to know the main objective of the game. It was fun even then.

The game Connect 4 is basically a two-player game wherein every player take turns in dropping each of their colored discs. Before the game begins, they get to choose which color are theirs and who will have the chance to get the first move. Many players anticipate being able to grab the first move because it is believed that whoever makes the first move has a greater chance of winning the game.

Although this might be true in some ways, it is not absolute. Perhaps, there are several instances that the first player always wins the game but this definitely does not happen all the time. Winning the game mainly depends on the moves of the player.

They should have an excellent strategy so that they can surely win the game. In order to win the game Connect 4, the players will compete on who will be able to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with four of their discs. That is why it is important for the players to take note of every move of their opponent so that they can counteract correctly.

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