Strategy Game

Before the emergence of online computer games, there were several traditional games that have provided fun and enjoyment not only to children but also to adults alike. One of the most popular traditional games that are widely played is the game Connect 4. Because of its popularity, online game developers have decided to make an online version of this game so that people can play anytime and anywhere they want their computers and cell phones.

The game Connect 4 is very easy to play. It is played between two players, each of whom is different a number of discs of different colors to identify them from one another. The players will then drop their discs into the vertically suspended grid in an alternating manner. The player who will be able to form a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line of four of his discs first will be declared as the winner.

This game basically requires the player to have a good strategy in order to win against their opponent. Although, it is said that the first player who takes a move has a greater chance of winning, this is not always the case. Perhaps, his probability of winning is high but it does not mean that he will always win. Because an excellent strategy in outsmarting your opponent also plays a big role in order to win. Indeed, the game Connect 4 is a very useful game to stir your stagnant mind. It helps you think critically and enhances your thinking skills.

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